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[Problem Report] Add a new Cross-Platform Frontend Software for gnupg to the List
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I wrote a front-end tool based on gnupg. I hope it can be added to the list of gnupg front-end tools( .But the website does not provide a detailed method to contact your team, so I am here to ask questions.

The name of this new tool project is called GpgFrontend. It is a Modern, Easy-to-Use, Compact, Cross-Platform, and Installation-Free OpenPGP Frontend Tool. I will continue to update this software version in the future.


  • Open source, free, no need to install.
  • Can run on Windows, Linux and macOS.
  • Just double-click, and then you can use it freely.
  • Before use, you only need to install gnupg. A tiny tool of a few MB.
  • Supports multiple languages.

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Thanks. I added it to the list. If you have not yet done this I would suggest to write a note to gnupg-users.

Thank you, this is my great honor!
If it is convenient, can you provide an email address? So that I can elaborate to you.

wk at gnupg dot org but better avoid any HTML parts etc.