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Release GnuPG 2.2.30
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Noteworthy changes in version 2.2.30 (2021-08-26)

  • gpg: Extended gpg-check-pattern to support accept rules, conjunctions, and case-sensitive matching. [rG5ca15e58b2]
  • agent: New option --pinentry-formatted-passphrase. [T5553]
  • agent: New option --check-sym-passphrase-pattern. [T5517]
  • agent: Use the sysconfdir for the pattern files. [rG5ed8e598fa]
  • agent: Add "checkpin" inquiry for use by pinentry. [T5532]
  • wkd: Fix client issue with leading or trailing spaces in user-ids. [rG576e429d41]
  • Pass XDG_SESSION_TYPE and QT_QPA_PLATFORM envvars to Pinentry. [T3659]
  • Under Windows use LOCAL_APPDATA for the socket directory. [T5537]

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I introduced a regression in this version; if you run into problems please update to 2.3.31 (T5571)