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support symmetric encryption with multiple passphrases
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The standard would allow for messages with multiple symmetrically encrypted session key packets and thus multiple passphrases.
Would be nice if this could be supported by gpg.


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werner triaged this task as Normal priority.Aug 13 2021, 11:19 PM
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I have no clear idea on how to style the UI for this feature. Technically it is simple but we need top query several passphrases. loopback mode with a list of passphrases might be easiest way to do that.

At first I've had simply tried to give multiple --symmetric options (which of course didn't work).

I guess this would also be a bad way for such a feature, cause it might break anything which already sets (probably accidentally) several --symmetric options and where this works just fine.

What about something like --symmetric-recipients=n ? The wording might not be perfect, cause technically these aren't concrete recipients,... but it would go along with the similar --recipient for pubkey encryption.

For --passphrase-fd and --passphrase-file one could make one password per line. For --passphrase perhaps multiple times that option with different values and/or multiple arguments to it? But that could in principle break compatibility.