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Libgcrypt documentation: corrections to obvious misprints
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I've found some obvious misprints and formatting issues in the Libgcrypt documentation, so I'm submitting a patch (relative to the current master head, Git commit 47e425e07995454573e28c13c08229d2f8a75642) to correct them.

It also includes some minor edits related to the most misleading punctuation and wording (if expressions like “related with” and “aside of” were intentional, I apologize, please disregard these). The edits are mostly limited to a single symbol (or very few words) per line, so it's better to view them in the word-diff mode.

I've are also noticed some issues that require attention but cannot be corrected so obviously and thus not included in the patch:

  1. The section “3.2 Error Handling” has nearly duplicate paragraphs. I guess, the last 3 paragraphs (from “Most functions...” to “...according manual.”) should be deleted, but the very last sentence perhaps should remain.
  1. Descriptions of functions working with handles use somewhat inconsistent naming for the handle argument. Namely, in each section, the very first function calls it “hd” (consistent with the “..._hd_t” types), but all subsequent functions call it just “h”. Is there a reason for such distinctions, or it would be better to rename them all to “hd” (for consistency with the type names) or to “h” (for brevity; not changing the type names, of course)?
  1. Throughout the documentation, there is some mixed usage of the terms “bytes” and “octets”, even though it seems that they are supposed to mean the same thing. Would it be better to change all “octets” to more habitual “bytes”, or all “bytes” to technically more specific “octets”?

And, by the way, some corrections to the web page describing this BTS (

Duplicated fragment:

If you want to want to ask
       ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^

Probably should be "this":

please indicate the in the Priority field

Missing commas:

and if you are using a non-released version the Git commit id
   ^                                       ^

Missing comma:

If you don't know the version leave it blank

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Thanks for you patches. Most of them applied cleanly despite that I delayed processing them for half a year.

I keep this task open due to the other 3 raised points. "octets" vs. "bytes" is a conflict between the telecom folks and computer folks. In the OpenPGP spec we mostly talked about octets to describe data send over the wire. A simple fiix would be to explain that octets and bytes are used interchangeable. "h" vs. "hd" is just the fashion of the week. Could be unified of course.