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invalid certificate for
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The top of the AUTHORS files in gpgme contains: Bug reports: . The site has invalid certificate.

The procedere to be entitled to report just this, is very cumbersome. I first have to register at , then I have to wait for approval. In order not to forget why I need an account, I have to create a privite notice and once the account is approved, I have to read the notice. This process essentially leads to bugs not being reported.

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Sorry for your troubles but we need to protect against spam - a tracker flooded with spam is useless.

Thanks for reporting the bad certificate - simply redirects to

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Since the migration to a new machine with lots of config changes this spring the redirect rules for were not properly adjusted and when running into an error, it seems that the admin back then ignored the problem and simply removed from dehydrated's list of domains. Thanks again for reporting. Should now work again.