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pinentry-curses color option
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/usr/lib/pinentry-curses --help

is printing an option

-c, --colors STRING Set custom colors for ncurses

would it please be possible to improve the help string by writing something like:

-c, --colors STRING Set custom comma delimited colors foreground,background,so(standout ?) color

It is not clear to me what so color is. I think it is standout (so) color but this is not documented as far as I can see.

#/u/home/stes/bin/pinentry -c "black,white,green" "$@"

pinentry-curses -c "white,black,white"

Finally is there a way please to set the -c option in the gpg-agent.conf file ?

What I currently do in my gpg-agent.conf file :

# pinentry-program /usr/local/bin/pinentry-color

where the pinentry-color script is :

# -c foreground,background,so(standout ?)
#/usr/lib/pinentry-curses -c "black,white,green" "$@"

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It would be convenient if the -c option could be easily set in the gpg-agent.conf or in some configuration file for pinentry. The workaround that I use now to create a script that I can then use as pinentry-program is extra work because it requires an additional script.