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gpgconf --query-swdb incorrectly handles pre-release version numbers
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This is relevant for the update check in Gpg4win.


$ gpgconf --query-swdb gpg4win 3.1.16-beta16

-> Although 3.1.16 is available gpgconf --query-swdb claims n, i.e. "The installed version [3.1.16-beta16] is already newer than the released version [3.1.16]." Obviously, that's incorrect.

For comparison, the following works correctly:

$ gpgconf --query-swdb gpg4win 3.1.17

-> Yes, 3.1.17 is newer than 3.1.16.

$ gpgconf --query-swdb gpg4win 3.1.16

-> Yes, 3.1.16 is the current version.

$ gpgconf --query-swdb gpg4win 3.1.15-beta16

-> Yes, 3.1.15-beta16 is older than 3.1.16.

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Thanks for creating the issue.

Note that I am not sure if GnuPG is fully committed on already, traditionally GnuPG had its own version numbering scheme. Unless GnuPG is officially doing semver the behaviour is undefined, which is okay.

However I think any new code should at least be robust if semver 2.0 is to be used at some time in the future. And it is good to have at least a defined method for pre-release version numbers, if the need every arises.

The thing is that any n.m.k-something version should behave versionwise the same as n.m.k. That is okay, because beta versions etc are not considered to be released. This is required to allow testing beta version _before_ doing the release.

werner claimed this task.