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Place dirmngr.service and gpg-agent.service in session.slice
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All essential services and applications required for the session
should use this slice. These are services that either cannot be
restarted easily or where latency issues may affect the
interactivity of the system and applications. This includes the
display server, screen readers and other services such as DBus or
XDG portals. Such services should be configured to be part of this
slice by adding Slice=session.slice to their unit files.

Slice=session.slice should be used{F2793696} in the relevant units under doc/examples/systemd-user.

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Actually we do not really support the systemd thing and it is likeley that the support in GnuPG will eventually be removed again. You may want to contact the Debian maintainer, who took responsibility for all systemd things.

Given it's just in the examples folder it seems strange to remove it, given it doesn't hurt those who don't want to use it, but it's obviously useful to those who want to. But even then, until it's there, why not fix these 2 lines? It's just a config item that will work everywhere