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GpgOL links to an FSF page for "Unsicher GpgOL"
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We should in general point to our own pages; in particular to

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When I greped for links to the FSF page (grep with string "fsf" I found out that there is one link to in line 722 of src/ribbon-callbacks.cpp. Is that the link that was meant?

There are two other places where is linked and some files with email addresses containing fsf but nothing else.

gpgol/doc/gpl.texi (line 9)
gpgol/COPYING-ICONS (line 52)

Because I'm just starting with GpgOL: Are we talking about adding links in the "Configure GpgOL" window or are there any other windows? If that is the right window maybe we could add a new tab "FAQ" and add the links there. At first I thought the links could be added to the tab "GpgOL" but there are already many entries and the other tabs don't fit well.

The current links should be replaced or removed.

werner lowered the priority of this task from High to Normal.Mar 16 2022, 4:34 PM