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gpg --list-options [comp] has missing closing quotes for strings
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gpgconf --list-options gpg | grep debug-level prints:

debug-level:18:1:set the debugging level to LEVEL:1:1:LEVEL:"none::

the default string in column 8 is missing a closing quote.



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Nope. The double quote indicates a string. See the man page.

man gpg | grep quote nor man gpgconf | grep quote does not tell anything about it. I recognized the single opening quote of "string at post processing the output of gpgconf --list-options to generate a gpgconf.conf template. I just expected a closing quote for "string".

Excuse me you are right of course. man gpgconf | grep quot says it all.

value This is the optional value for the option. It is a per-
cent escaped string with a single quotation mark to indi-
cate a string. The quotation mark is only required to
distinguish between no value specified and an empty