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Empty emails in Outlook - conflict between gpgOl & ESET (antivirus add-in)
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I see empty emails in Outlook as a result of an add-in conflict.

I have seen similar issues with other add-ins, such as T3934; I'm submitting this hoping that more information/scenarios can help find a workaround/solution.

I have the following add-ins in Outlook 2019 (Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise, using Exchange Online).

I deactivated the plugins individually (by removing the ticks in front of them) and concluded that the combination of ESET and GpgOl causes the problem.

When I deactivate the ESET add-in, GpgOl works fine. The email opens and decrypts as expected. This is the log for opening an email in the preview pane in this scenario (please let me know if I cut off too much):

When I deactivate GpgOl and reactivate ESET, I see the attachments incl. the asc file.

When both add-ins (ESET & GpgOl) are active, the email shows completely empty: I see the sender & subject, but neither content nor attachments. This is the bit I don't understand: GpgOl must be doing *something*, otherwise the attachments would still show, right? Log for this:

gpg4win version 4.0.0
Windows 10 Pro (20H2/Build 19042.1466)

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Conflicts between Add-Ins are often unavoidable. We have a list of known issues at:
If you have more information on that ESET thingy please enter it into the above wiki or leave some description here.