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GNUPGEX Explorer File Encryption Tar Archive long Filename Bug
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These two Textfiles crashe GNUPGEX - GUPGPTAR. No Output is created, hang. See Image. You can test file encryption using both txt files with tar archive.



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werner triaged this task as Normal priority.Feb 17 2022, 1:12 PM
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What you uploaded are files with a length of zero bytes. That is not valid data. The hang should not happen of course.

Why do you think the problem is related to long filenames? Actually we have a problem with long files names on Windows, and a fix for that is not yet available. Can you please provide a detaile description on how you created those empty files?

I tested encrypt two txt files with filename 1 and 2.txt and insert text: test 1 and test 2. Tararchive has been created successfull. Than i tested this Two txt files with a long name. See attached txt files, i send it already to you. Now by the first test Archive.tar.gpg.yqoirl with 0 Bytes was created.
Second test, the other archive.tar.gpg with 0 Bytes was created and gpgex hang.