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Source of Pinentry title
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I think it would be an improvement to show the source (GPG) in password prompts. When prompt appears and users worked with a program like Claws Mail they probably think that the prompt belongs to Claws Mail which isn't the case. It would be helpful for the understanding of users if the prompt would contain a hint in the title (or the description) where it comes from. Maybe it could also be helpful because they know where a mistake happened and know where to turn right away.



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Do you mean something like this

This is the title that most pinentry variants show on non-Windows systems if no other title was set explicitly and if the owner_pid was set with OPTION owner=<pid>/<uid> <nodename> (which gpg-agent does).

Note: This pinentry was triggered by the decryption of an encrypted email in KMail (via gpgme), but the title doesn't mention KMail. I guess this should be improved because as it is now the title confuses more than it helps.

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