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Not all keys available in Security approval window
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I entered different email addresses in Outlook 365 and wanted to send an encrypted email. Then the "Security approval" window was opened and for some addresses it was shown that no key was available. For some addresses this information was correct while for some of these addresses Kleopatra did have keys, e.g. . The following screenshots show the Security approval window (1) and the keys that were in Kleopatra (2).



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cklassen created this object in space S1 Public.

Can you check whether the + character in the email addresses is causing this?

How can I check this, @ikloecker ?

I want to add that I still sent the email and found out that the key was used even if it was not shown in the window of GpgOL.

You could verify this with another email address containing a +.

You can enable debug output by adding the logging rule org.kde.pim.libkleo.debug=true either to the environment variable QT_LOGGING_RULES or the qtlogging.ini file. See for details how to configure logging rules. The debug messages will be written to stderr. If I remember correctly, there is a tool for watching stdout/stderr of processes on Windows.

I had some more time to test this bug.

  1. When I try to send an email to and which both have a key the email will be sent without a dialog being opened. So the "+" in the address should not cause the problem.
  1. When I try to send an email to all of those email addresses which are visible in the first attachment of this bug report AND whose key is available on a WKD-server the email will also be sent without any dialog.
  1. When I try to send an email to all addresses regardless if a key is available on a WKD-server I get the result that I mentioned above. In this case I get the following log-file:

In all cases the keys were not available in Kleopatra before I started the tests.

werner triaged this task as Normal priority.Apr 20 2022, 8:48 AM