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Buttons "encrypt" and "sign" are unavailable when writing mail with Word
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Release: Gpgol 0.9.3


Windows 2000 SP4 & all current patches


When activating the option to write e-mail in Outlook with MS Word (menue: "Extras - Optionen - E-Mail Format" ... sorry, only know the menuepath in german" the two buttons to encrypt and/or sign the e-mail with GPG are not available. They are available though when writing e-mail with the build-in editor of Outlook.
Maybe there is a way to have the button available when using Word as editor?

How To Repeat

The buttons to Encrypt and/or Sign with GPG are only available when using the build-in editor in Outlook to write mails. When switching to Word as editor both buttons aren't available.



Release Note

There is no way to fix that because Outlook offers no way to hook into
the composing menu if an Word is used as an editor.

Event Timeline

twoaday removed a project: Testing.

As Werner pointed out, there is no way to fix that when
Word is used as the editor. The only solution is _not_ to
use word as the editor and to use Outlook directly to
reply mails.