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Release GnuPG 2.2.37
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Noteworthy changes in version 2.2.37 (2022-08-24)

  • gpg: In de-vs mode use SHA-256 instead of SHA-1 as implicit preference. [T6043]
  • gpg: Actually show symmetric+pubkey encrypted data as de-vs compliant. Add extra compliance checks for symkey_enc packets. [T6119]
  • gpg: Request keygrip of key to be added via command-fd interface. [T5771]
  • gpg: Look up user ID to revoke by UID hash. [T5936]
  • gpg: Fix wrong error message for "keytocard". [T6122]
  • gpg: --card-status shows the application type for non-openpgp cards again. [rG8e393e2592]
  • gpg: The options --auto-key-import and --include-key-block are again listed by gpgconf. [T6138]
  • gpgsm: New option --compatibility-flags. [rG77b6896f7a]
  • agent: New options --no-user-trustlist and --sys-trustlist-name. [T5990]
  • agent: Track and update the Display-S/N of cards so that the "please insert card" prompt may now show more information. Use "gpg --card-status" to update stored card meta data. [T6135]
  • scd:openpgp: Fix problem with ECC algorithm attributes on Yubikeys. [rG225c66f13b87]
  • scd:openpgp: Fix problem with Yubikey 5.4 firmware. [T6070]
  • dirmngr: Ask keyservers to provide the key fingerprints. [T5741]
  • ssh: Allow authentication as used by OpenSSH's PQ crypto support. [T5935]
  • wkd: Fix path traversal attack in gpg-wks-server. Add the mail address to the pending request data. [rGc1489ca0e1, T6098]
  • gpgconf: Improve registry dumping. [rG6bc9592318]
  • Silence warnings from AllowSetForegroundWindow. [rG6583abedf3]

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