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Gpg Encryption and Signing - infinite Loop
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I had a problem on a server.
gpg --list-keys and other similar commands worked just fine BUT when trying to encrypt and sign a file GPG looked like was staying in an infinite loop. We also could see in Task manager the tasks and we tried to kill the tasks but this thing did not solve the problem. We had to restart the server to make it work.
The version was 2.2.16.
We used the foll.owing parameters:
--pinentry-mode loopback
--passphrase-fd 0
--batch --yes --always-trust
Is 2.2.16 an unstable version ? Will a version upgrade solve our issue?
Can one of these parameters influence the GPG behavior ?




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gpg was waiting for the passphrase for the signing key to be provided via stdin.

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No, it's not waiting for the password. This was a 2 times error happening on our server.
We already provided the password but it was hung. We entered different things but it won't make anything.
I can tell you it doesn't wait for anything because we tested the same command on 2 different machines. On one machine it was hung, on another it worked.

Please reopen my issue. This is a serious issue that we encounter and do not have any explication.