encrypted file is successfully decrypted with PGP and with gpg the batch process says successful, but the data in the decrypted file is messed up
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Release: 1.2


Windows XP


When decrypting a file using the following command c:\gnupg\gpg -r tc3health --batch --yes -o D:\PaidClaims\Data\Incoming\NGS\HST_Header06032.txt -d D:\PaidClaims\Data\Incoming\NGS\Header060302.pgp the file appears to have decrypted. After opening the file I can see various records of data screwed up. If I decrypt the same file using PGP the data in the file looks good.



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This seems to be GnuPG 1.2 problem. 1.2. Has entered end of life status on Jan 1

Closing due to end-of-life and to insufficient information

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