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Invalid signing-key when doing a signature-check of GnuPG installer-packages, signed by Werner Koch's signing-key in de-vs Mode (aka VS-NfD Mode)
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From the point of view of the BSI, Werner Koch uses a non VS-NfD / de-vs compilant Signing-Key for signing the official GnuPG installer-packages.

The reason is that Werner is using the famous "Bernstein-Curve" (Curve 25519) as his pk-algorithm ...

I think it is a good time to ask, when the BSI will accept Curve25519 as a legal VS-NfD / de-vs Algorithm ?

gpg: Schlüssel "528897B826403ADA" darf zum Signieren im --compliance=de-vs Modus nicht verwendet werden.
gpg: Signatur kann nicht geprüft werden: Ungültiges Public-Key-Verfahren

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Macro ripfernmeldegeheimnis:

Veit Berwig

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In general I use my standard ed25519 signing token for all software. However, GnuPG VS-Desktop is signed using a Brainpool key named (stored on a smartcard with 2 replicas) for the simple reason that it does not raise questions when ppl update their GnuPG VS-Desktop and run into a non-compliant key.

If you want to check anyway, the option --override-compliance-check can be used. See also T5655.

I am also pretty sure that eventually Ed25519 (aka X25519) will be allowed by FIPS and the BSI.

Small correction: We don't have replicas of our code signing key. I mistook this with out Authenticode signing key.

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