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Invalid ID in GpgOL while sending myself a signed and encrypted message
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I am using GPG4Win Version 4.0.4.

I see the following Problem, if I send myself (same mail adress as sender and recipient) a signed and encrypted message using SMIME:

S/MIME Verschlüsselte Nachricht (Entschlüsselung nicht möglich)
Daten konnten nicht entschlüsselt werden: Invalid ID

Outlook and GpgOL are not able to decrypt the message. I do not know, what is going wrong here. Is it a bug or do I something nasty?

Best Regards,


GPG4Win 4.0.4

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The problem is also active, if I send an encryptet (not signed) message to myself.
If I get mails from other people, wich are encryptet using smime and the same certtificate and signed by the sender, there is no problem. GpgOL works fine here.

I do not understand, why it is not working, if I send a mail to myself.

BR, Joerg