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documentation needs update for replacing gpgme-config
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the texinfo manual still documents gpgme-config as canonical way to find gpgme. However with gpg-error 1.46 gpg-error-config is installed by default anymore, which propagates to gpgme not installing gpgme-config when built against this version of gpg-error. So the documented way does not work anymore.

Since gpgrt-config does not work unless a correct --libdir was passed (or a PKGCONFIG ebvironment variable was set) I would suggest to use refer to pkgconfig in examples like

gcc -c foo.c `gpgme-config --cflags`



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Please use gpgme.pc to configure your build. Your options are:
(1) With Autoconf:
(1-1) Use pkg.m4 and PKG_CHECK_MODULES (which uses pkg-config to access gpgme.pc)
(1-2) Use gpgme.m4 and AM_PATH_GPGME (which uses gpgrt-config to access gpgme.pc)
(2) Or... use pkg-config to access gpgme.pc.

Use of gpgme.m4 (and gpgrt-config) is intended for an environment where pkg-config is not available, like an early stage of bootstrapping OS build.
GnuPG and its friends uses gpgrt-config.