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Although gnupg-2.2.41 ist released in GnuPG VS-Desktop 3.1.26 it is not available in Gpg4Win 3.1.26 and on git- and download-server.
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Hello ...

Noteworthy changes in version 2.2.41 (unreleased)

Version "gnupg-2.2.41" is already released in source- and binary-Packages of GnuPG VS-Desktop 3.1.26 (

Currently as of December the 16th 2022, although "gnupg-2.2.41" ist released under "" and was mentioned in "" (Versions of the Components) and ...

Gpg4Win 3.1.26: ";a=blob_plain;f=NEWS;hb=refs/tags/gpg4win-3.1.26"
... it is not available under:;a=shortlog;h=refs/tags/gnupg-2.2.41

Also, "gnupg-2.2.41" is not available under:

... and the corresponding community-version "Gpg4Win 3.1.26" of "GnuPG VS-Desktop 3.1.26" does not list "gnupg-2.2.41" under its source-packages in ...;a=blob_plain;f=packages/packages.3;hb=refs/tags/gpg4win-3.1.26

... here, only the old version "gnupg-2.2.40" ist listed, although mentioned in:

Gpg4Win 3.1.26 (NEWS): ";a=blob_plain;f=NEWS;hb=refs/tags/gpg4win-3.1.26".

Best regards,
Veit Berwig

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vitusb created this object in space S1 Public.

We sometimes grant our customers the privilege of receiving updates a few days earlier than the community. It is not really helpful if you publish that fact anyway on a public tracker. BTW, there is no community version gpg4win 3.1.26.

Hello ...

It is not really helpful if you publish that fact anyway on a public tracker.

Ok, excuse me. I was not aware an existing policy.

I had noticed that, contrary to the GnuPG versions specified in the release notes for Gpg4Win 3.1.26, the actually associated version 2.2.41 is not listed in the "packages.3" sources, but rather the outdated version gnupg-2.2.40 .

I thought this issue would be importtant and relevant, because no updated builts of Gpg4Win 3.1.26 are possible with this confguration ...

Also on the Git-server, Gpg4Win 3.1.26 has the status "This will be GnuPG VS-Desktop 3.1.26":;a=tag;h=dc489553fb44ab8a8183057fbf677d91e09e98fe

... so i think, this is a "release status" isn't it ?

Best regards,