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Outlook crashes when selecting a contact (with HTML mails enabled)
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One user has a consistent crash when selecting a recipient in Outlook
(if this has sending of HTML email still turned on).

This is an issue that someone from the forum experienced:


  • Windows 10
  • Office 365
  • Gpg4win 4.0.4

When the user writes a new email and selects a contact Outlook crashes. This is the log file that was created while the application was crashing:

Note: When the user enabled plain text for new emails the issue didn't occur anymore.



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As I assume that many people have HTML emails still turned on, and have no crashes, there probably are more conditions that have to be met to trigger this crash.

I'm that user - only thing I can think of really is that I used the tool "O&O ShutUp10++" to restrict Win10 Settings. During the troubleshooting I reverted to the standard settings, but it made not difference.

Other than that, no clue.

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Gpg4win 4.1.0 comes a slighly newer gpgol which should be tried before we continue. Set to low prioprity because this seems not to be easily reproducible.