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Libgcrypt: Libgcrypt 1.8.10 FTBFS against new Libgpg-error 1.46
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Fails during configure phase due the changes in Libgpg-error 1.46 deprecating gpg-error-config in favour of gpgrt-config (similar issue as seen with other GnuPG libraries prior to updates catering for Libgpg-error 1.46):

checking for gpg-error-config... /usr/i686-w64-mingw32/bin/gpg-error-config
checking for GPG Error - version >= 1.25... no
configure: error: libgpg-error is needed.
                See .

It seems that changes such as for libassuan have not yet been applied to the Libgcrypt LTS branch?



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Will not be fixed because the only change is intentionally the export target for a regression test suite. The other fix is for the old FIPS RNG which is not used at all.

Use a current Libgcrypt version.

Can you therefore please clarify the purpose of the Libgcrypt LTS branch? My impression was that pairing the Libgcrypt LTS with GnuPG LTS was appropriate, based on both GnuPG and Libgcrypt LTS appearing on your downloads page at approximately the same time (from memory). Specifically, is there any issue using latest Libgcrypt 1.10.x with GnuPG LTS? Thank you.