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AppImage: Add desktop files (icons) for compliant Applications
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For user friendly access to Kleopatra, KMail, Kontact, Dolphin we should add a way to install desktop files which are then used by all XDG start menus.

The big problem is of course that the AppImage is not in a defined place. But as we already require an installation for the config files we could add a parameter to create System Wide shortcuts with the current place of the AppImage as we need to document anyway that those Applications must be installed. Also the parameter should define if we should replace existing shortcuts by creating the same with "NoDisplay=true"

I also thought about only creating a shortcut for GnuPG VS-Desktop Kleopatra and on the first start of Kleopatra to ask if shortcuts for other Apps should also be created and then create them in the users home. This would be a bit cleaner for the hiding case.

For example with plasma I can have this:

and this

With the desktop files in ~/.local/share/applications:

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aheinecke created this task.

I think AppImageLauncher solves this already. And for discoverability there's AppImageHub (which the distribution-specific desktop installers may already support as source for applications).

Okay. It doesn't solve the problem that you want to run any application via the GnuPG VS-Desktop AppImage.

aheinecke claimed this task.

Discussed with werner is for Wontfix as this is not really the AppImage way to do things. As you also seem to tend this way I slightly agree. I still would find it nice to have but If we have a real demand for that we can document or support people to do this.