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the keys looked up at keyservers should be in hexadecmal format
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using gnome, gpg, seahorse and evolution the key verifying process does not work, since the keys are not submitted in hexadecimal format i.e. with 0x before the key. The keyservers I tested (e.g. require this format.

How To Repeat

Take a key, try using the form without 0x at and try with 0x.

The keys which were submitted via gpg obviously lacked the 0x



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iirc, we fixed this meanwhiloe. David?

I'm afraid I don't understand what the bug is here. The statement
"The keys which were submitted via gpg obviously lacked the 0x" is not meaningful.

What was the user trying to do? What was the expected result? What was the
actual result?

I dont understand it either. My first thought was that we did something wrong
when constructing the keyid. However, I used to use the DFN keyserver myself
for years and it has always worked.

I close this bug