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gpgtar --encrypt doesn't accept absolute path to a directory (gpgtar: skipping invalid name)
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gpgtar doesn't accept a full path of a directory, which is supposed to be encrypted. It throws error gpgtar: skipping invalid name

Expected behavior:

While being in folder /home/matt/scripts/ I expect to be able to encrypt files in /home/matt/data/

gpgtar --encrypt --output encrypt-test.gpg.tar -r "Matt" /home/matt/data/

throws error

gpgtar: skipping invalid name /home/matt/data/

I can only encrypt files and folders down the folder tree of the current path.

I would like to use absolute path in running script in cron.


2.2.27 (debian 11 package)

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Please use

gpgtar -C /home/matt/data ....

instead of using an absolute name. This makes things much easier to implement in a secure way: You don't want to have absolute file names in the tarball and mapping them to relative names is not easy or even impossible in case of, say "/home/foo/ /home/bar/". Keep in mind that gpgtar does also not handle symlinks and other special files.

You should also update to a recent version (2.2.41 or much better 2.4.0)