Have the preview empty (with a clear hint) instead of unreadable plain email
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The preview to the right shows the raw email
in case of PGP signed or encrypted emails.
This is confusing for users.

It would be nice to empty the preview for
PGP signed or encrypted emails and fill
the window with a message that says something
like "This is a PGP signed email, please open
it to verify signature". Dito for encryption.



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Turns out that this is a lot of work. we need to add an
extra code path to check for PGP/MIME mails does not try to
decrypt/verify anything. Will take a day or so.

Can't be done.

I gave it a shot and spent half a day on it. No way, I can't update the preview window without updating the actual text of the message. Chaning all messages to "This is a PGP/MIME message" is probably not a good idea. Code is in the new version 0.9.9 but deactivated.

Due to time constraints, the 0.9 series of GpgOL is no longer supported.
I am sorry for this inconvenience. Gpg4win/2 will soon be released featuring a
heavily rewritten GpgOL.

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