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Trojan identified in virustotal
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Checking the available version for downloading with Virustotal I have received a report of a possible trojan. File with a picture of the report is attached. You can use also this link to see the report.



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Well, virus checkers aren't perfect. If 1 out of 65 checkers reports a finding, then the probability that this finding is a false positive is very high. You would better report this to the vendor of NANO-Antivirus, so that they can fix the false positive warning.

Many thanks for the information. I suspected it also, but wanted your assessment.

All the best.

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Also recall that Antivirus software needs to search for a competitive advantage over other vendors and in particular over Windows Defender. Thus they need to show some extra positives compared to the Windows Defender. Who care whether this is a false positive - ppl like to get some evidence that their new AV software has a (phoney) advantage.

The whole AV business has fallen out of time - just don't use this semi-malware which tries to outsmart Windows.