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Please don't remove ability to convert /export .kbx keyrings to the legacy .gpg format
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I am working on a legacy project that is dependent on the Crypt::OpenPGP Perl module in CPAN. It doesn't look like Crypt::OpenPGP is actively maintained and I don't think it will get support for the new .kbx format. I don't know what your plans are but it would be very helpful to me if the ability to export .kbx keyrings to the legacy .gpg format is not removed for some time please. Are there any plans to remove the legacy export functionality? I am planning to implement my own wrapper for gpg in Perl but it may take me some time to get to this working. Thank you.

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Do you mean the pubring.gpg format or the on-wire OpenPGP format; ie. what gpg --export gives?

The pubring.gpg format has always been internal to gpg and there have been no ways to create it completely. However
the output of gpg --export still works as pubring.gpg and this is actually required to to create trusted keyring for gpgv.

Anyway: We have said for 25 years that the only well defined interface is gpg --export and gpg --import. Thus I wonder what Crypt::OpenPGP has to do with this? It tinkers with internal data of gpg? I doubt that.

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I mean what gpg --export gives Werner.

I am currently using gpg --export to convert .kbx files to .gpg format that I can use with Crypt::OpenPGP (it can not read .kbx files).

Does this mean that it will always be possible to export .kbx files to .gpg format?

Thank you for your response.

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Yes, --export creates the OpenPGP specified format.