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SHA-1 digest is not considered weak
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The gnupg2 defaults still allow creation and verification of SHA-1 signatures by default. Even though it is still considered too computationally intensive to run a practical attack, it might not be the case in coming years. There is a ground for the disablement of weak digest algorithms with override --allow-weak-digest-algos and MD5 is already considered weak in signatures and not accepted anymore. I think the SHA-1 should follow rather sooner than later, given that we have options to override this using commandline arguments.

Is there some plan to disable SHA-1 signatures by including this in the weak algorithms list in close future?

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werner triaged this task as Low priority.Apr 4 2023, 8:53 AM
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No, it would break the verification of too many signatures.

it would break the verification of too many signatures.

Would it be a better solution to have an option (enabled by default) that disallows the creation of SHA1 signatures, but still allows the verification of them?