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Mimetreeparser: EML or S/MIME support issue
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If I go to the outlook browser app and download an S/MIME signed / encrypted mail from there I get this file:

Running mimetreeparser-widgets on it results in:

./mimetreeparser-widgets /tmp/S_MIME\ s_e\ with\ attachment.eml 
13:41:32.307 org.kde.pim.mimetreeparser.core: MimeTreeParser::ApplicationPkcs7MimeBodyPartFormatter::process pkcs7 mime     ==      S/MIME TYPE: enveloped (encrypted) data
13:41:32.307 MessageParser::setMessage Message parsing took:  0
13:41:32.368 Crypto::decryptAndVerify|?|?|?|? Failed to decrypt and verify 151011327
13:41:32.369 toResult|Crypto::decryptAndVerify|?|?|? unknown error 151011327 End of file
13:41:32.370 MimeTreeParser::EncryptedMessagePart::decrypt|?|?|?|? Failed to decrypt :  151011327
13:41:32.370 MessageParser::setMessage Message parsing and decryption/verification:  63

But If I open It with KMail:

Message should be decryptable with the key I just sent you

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