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The instructions at GnuPG assume a current local installation exists already.
However in many situations the reason for using a "portable installation" is the lack of local administrative rights, not the idea to carry the installation around. Therefore it should be possible to perform a portable installation starting with a download, and no administrative privileges.

Maybe it would be easiest if there would be a ZIP with a portable installation (like most others do) IFF it's expected that the portable version will work without administrative privileged (I think the latter is a requirement for any portable installation anyway).

Also the document cited does not contain a single line about upgrading an existing portable installation. As user might loose their private keys if don improperly, I think this is important information. Again, it would be easiest if the portable installation would be able to update/upgrade itself.


Gpg4win 4.2.0

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You can install Gpg4win without admin rights. It requests "Highest available" rights by default to be installed into the protected Program Files (x86) folder. When you are not in the Administrators group It will install into your home directory much like firefox does. Any maybe if you don't want to leave a footprint installing Gpg4win on the System (without admin rights) where you don't have admin rights is kind of beside the point. You either leave a footprint by the installation or you could just use the installed Gpg4win there.

I have added a note that you should reuse the home folder, on upgrade to me this was pretty obvious since you can't create a folder that already exists.

Strong objection to close: When answering the question with "no", installation aborts!

😂 Skandal! Ein BUG!: "Möchten Sie die Installation ohne Administrator-Rechte fortfahren?" und Sie sagen "Nein". Ja dann brechen wir ab weil sie eben *nicht* fortfahren wollen.

Schonmal überlegt auf Ja zu klicken 🤔

OK, I'm sorry, please accept my apologies for not having read the dialog message carefully enough. It seems I ignore the second sentence, replacing it with the omnipresent "Do you want to continue?" in my mind. Maybe the excuse is that it was terribly hot and damp in my office, preventing me from thinking.

No problem ;) Sorry for my snarky reply. Hope it worked for you now.