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Kleopatra: Review usage of Key::canEncrypt and replace with hasEncrypt where appropriate
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If we are looking for a certificate which can be used for encryption (regardless of expiration, revocation, etc.), then we need to use the new Key::hasEncrypt (added with T6748) because Key::canEncrypt returns false for an expired OpenPGP certificate with encryption subkey and non-encryption primary key.

Similar problems could occur when looking for signing certificates or authentication certificates.

This task tracks the changes that are not directly related to T6743: Libkleo Keyresolver: check for existing encryption subkey instead valid one, as first step.

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The changes are best reviewed by a developer to check that I didn't make a mistake when I replaced usage of the canSign, canEncrypt, etc. methods with the new hasSign, hasEncrypt, etc. methods or the corresponding compatibility helpers keyHasSign, etc..

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The changes affect:

  • State of "Clipboard -> OpenPGP Sign" action in tray icon context menu
  • Selection of signing key in "OpenPGP Sign Clipboard" dialog
  • Selection of encryption key in "Sign/Encrypt" via dialog
  • Selection of recipients in "Encrypt Clipboard" dialog
  • Usage information in tool tips for certificates in main certificate list

In the above cases, expired keys with sign/encrypt subkeys but without sign/encrypt primary key may now be selectable as sign/encrypt keys. And the usage info in the tool tips should show the capabilities even for expired keys.

Nothing should have changed to before here:

  • Selection of certification key in Certify dialogs
  • State of "Revoke User ID" button/context menu entry in Certificate Details dialog
  • Write certificate to PIV card
  • Key selection when writing key to PIV card