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View email dialog is not translated correctly
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I will still release this as a beta, but it is very strange.

The mimetreeparser.po is fully translated by eva. The .mo file installed contains the strings, I checked this. And I can see that the is found and read in. But the dialog stays untranslated except I think where the messages come from other libraries.

I have not checked on linux yet.

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aheinecke created this task.

I'm wondering whether this could be caused by a wrong translation domain. We have mimetreeparser.{pot,po,mo}, but in src/CMakeLists.txt we have


In libkleo the translation domain and the pot/po/mo file name are identical.

This may be a red herring. I don't really know how the translation business works internally.

Or is it an order problem in src/CMakeLists.txt?




Does this mean that the TRANSLATION_DOMAIN define is used when building the code in the quick and widgets subfolders but not when building the core subfolder?

Pretty sure its the translation domain. Thanks! Will try to fix that tomorrow

aheinecke claimed this task.

Moving the definition and changing it to the name of the po file worked.