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Release GPGME 1.23.0
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Noteworthy changes in version 1.23.0 (2023-10-25)

  • Support GPGME_ENCRYPT_ALWAYS_TRUST also for S/MIME. [T6559]
  • New keylist mode GPGME_KEYLIST_MODE_WITH_V5FPR. [T6705]
  • New key capability flags has_*. [T6748]
  • gpgme-tool: Support use of Windows HANDLE. [T6634]
  • qt: Support refreshing keys via WKD. [T6672]
  • qt: Handle cancel in changeexpiryjob. [T6754]

Interface changes relative to the 1.22.0 release:

gpgme_key_t                     EXTENDED: New field has_encrypt.
gpgme_key_t                     EXTENDED: New field has_sign.
gpgme_key_t                     EXTENDED: New field has_certify.
gpgme_key_t                     EXTENDED: New field has_authenticate.
cpp: Key::canCertify            NEW.
cpp: Key::canSign               NEW.
cpp: Key::canEncrypt            NEW.
cpp: Key::canAuthenticate       NEW.
qt: Protocol::wkdRefreshJob     NEW.
qt: WKDRefreshJob               NEW.

[c=C43/A32/R0 cpp=C26/A20/R0 qt=C20/A5/R0]

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