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gpg - K and Kelopatra are going into the Hung status on Windows Server
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We have GPG4win installed in the Windows server. After installation we are unable to Open Kleopatra. This server is access by Multiple users.
The encryption and Decryption are being done through automated jobs, and there are 3-4 for jobs run at same time.
We have three issues -

While opening Kleopatra it is showing Loading certificate cache and just hanging there.
Gpg -K or any Gpg command are not responding.

We are suspecting because of this our automated job to encrypt\decrypt the files are going into hung status.
Hence, we are looking for some solution and help here.


GPG4WIN 4.2.0

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this is a support question since you are not a customer to my knowlege please use

If you share the same GnuPG Homedir across multiple users or automated jobs there can be conflicts and permission problems which can cause hangs. We would need to know more about what you are doing. A strong suggestion would be to manage the keys with kleopatra interactively with one user and then copy the homedir of Kleopatra to a different folder which you then provide with the --homedir variable to the automated processes which run under a different user. While multiple gpg processes work fine on the same homedir (in fact kleopatra does this all the time). Multiple users do not work. And if one of your processes hangs while it is keeping a lock file on a process because your automated commands are not correct then this would also be a user error and not a bug in GnuPG for which this website here is supposed to be used.