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not possible to delete an account before moderator approval of account
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When creating a new account with (here: username "qyanuqyanu") and then managing to re-acquire access to one's old account (here: username "qyanu"),
then deleting the superfluous account "qyanuqyanu" is not possible before moderator approval happened. «Waiting Patiently» and «Logging Out» are the only allowed actions after login.

Please delete the account "qyanuqyanu"

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I just verified the new account. Please delete (i.e. disable) it yourself - I can't easily figure out whether it is really your account.

This comment was removed by qyanu.

It's virtually impossible to find any "delete account" (or "disable account") button.

Please just delete it / all personal data connected to qyanuqyanu (hereby posted with the "qyanuqyanu" account). As you know, no security considerations for retaining non-used accounts apply.

and before you say there's just a "remove my account" button on the home screen, using it gives an error:

Where "using it" means the following steps:

  • click on the "[lock] GnuPG" logo on the top-left of the page
  • clicking the "Remove my account" link in the left navigation column, more towards the upper half of that.
  • putting in a text into the big text-box
  • clicking the prominent blue [Create New Task] button
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Thanks for commenting from the other account. This allowed me to disable the account. Deleting and account is hard in Phabricator thus we do it only very rarely. But disable is basically the same.