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GpgOL: Check S/MIME draft encrypt and use GPGME_ENCRYPT_ALWAYS_TRUST
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This should easily be doable now that we have done T6701

I think I could pretty blindly solve this by:

diff --git a/src/cryptcontroller.cpp b/src/cryptcontroller.cpp
index 9265e1a..dc883bb 100644
--- a/src/cryptcontroller.cpp
+++ b/src/cryptcontroller.cpp
@@ -1095,13 +1095,14 @@ CryptController::do_crypto (GpgME::Error &err, std::string &r_diag, bool force)
   /* Prepare to offer a "Forced encryption for S/MIME errors */
   GpgME::Context::EncryptionFlags flags = GpgME::Context::EncryptionFlags::None;
   int errVal = -1;
+  bool draft = m_mail->isDraftEncrypt ();
   /* For openPGP or when force is used we want to use Always Trust */
-  if (m_proto == GpgME::OpenPGP || force) {
+  if (m_proto == GpgME::OpenPGP || force || draft) {
       /* Force is currently only used for S/MIME but just to make
          this clear we add the check here */
-      if (force && m_proto == GpgME::CMS)
+      if ((force || draft) && m_proto == GpgME::CMS)
-          log_dbg ("Using alwaysTrust force option");
+          log_dbg ("Using alwaysTrust %s option", (draft ? "draft" : "force");
           /* When force is used we don't need any online verification. */
           /* Rewind the input and start with a fresh output */

But I want to see first if I can reproduce the reported problems and to check if they are solved by this.

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aheinecke created this task.

So I tested this with an S/MIME certificate for which the CRL was not available and as described by the original reporter Outlook just froze. And you had to kill it. With the current beta you would get the dialog to encrypt the message anyway but this does not make sense for draft encryption where you can only select your own keys.

I tested with above change and this should reduce the failure modes of this and also make it much faster. Esp. disabling CRL checks for draft encryption should always have been done.

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