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Kleopatra: Spaces in embedded filenames incorrectly handled
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When decrypting a OpenPGP encrypted file with spaces in the name the "Decrypt/Verify" window shows the name correctly in the first line, but with escaped spaces for "name of the embedded file" further down:

The file had not been renamed, of course.
Subsequently you are asked under which of the namens - the embedded with "%20" or the original with " " you want to save the file.

The "%20" should not appear in the embedded file name.



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Looks like a missing unescaping somewhere in gpgme.

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Oh, the user is actually asked with this? I wonder if that is something that is new now, I think so. I mean its been quite a long time that we added support for embedded filenames but 3.1.26 was also long ago.

If so we need to fix that. Because as I know our users they have a ton of files with spaces. I'll take a quick look myself and might add a workaround in Kleo or a a patch to GPGME to our build if this really happens with every file that has a space in the name.

Damn this actually happens with every file with a space. Why didn't our Gpg4win users,.. report this. 😐 I checked T6056 was part of the last Gpg4win release...

And it is a core GPGME issue, which of course was released yesterday....


Original file name .: test%20file.txt
Wrong key usage ....: no
Legacy w/o MDC ... .: no
Compliance de-vs ...: no
MIME flag ..........: no
Unsupported algo ...: [none]
Session key ........: [none]
Symmetric algorithm : AES256.CFB
Recipient ...: 0
  status ....: No secret key
  keyid .....: 43515CE01F21710F
  algo ......: RSA
Begin Output:
End Output.


and with a renamed file: