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Kleopatra: Remove fallback to if no key server is configured
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Since version 2.1.19 (released 2017-03-02) GnuPG uses a builtin fallback if no key server is configured. Since then the fallback used by Kleopatra is obsolete.

Moreover, if the usage of the default key server has been explicitly disabled (with the special value "none"; T6708) then Kleopatra must not use any key server. See also T6761.

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Use same priority as T6761

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The fallback wasn't used/offered for any GnuPG versions after 2.1.19.

To check that the fallback isn't used with GnuPG versions supporting the special value "none" to disable the usage of an OpenPGP key server do the following:

  • Set "none" as key server.
  • Try to export an OpenPGP key to a key server or to refresh the OpenPGP keys.

Expected result: You'll get an error message explaining why the operation isn't possible.

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