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Kleopatra: Add icon for folder encryption
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We agreed in T6725 that at the moment the only viable option to improve user experience for the folder encryption via Kleopatra is to make it obvious that it is not possible to do mixed encryption of files and folders. For reasons see T6725.

To improve UX in this regard, we want to add an icon for the function "Sign/Encrypt Folder" so that it can better be added to the menu bar.

We could use the file-encrypt icon with a folder symbol in the background instead of the document symbol.

The rest of this proposal was declined (for now).
And as "Sign/Encrypt Folder" is quite long (and even longer in German) it would be good to choose another text.

One option would be to leave off the "Sign" and go with "Encrypt" or "Encrypt folder".
The action behind this would of course not change: the "Sign/encryption files" window will pop up, but ideally with a different heading depending on the way it was called.
At the moment the heading is "Sign/Encrypt Files" with only a different window title of "Archive files and sign/encrypt". The latter is a) to small and b) not clear in regard to folders

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aheinecke added a subscriber: aheinecke.

I give this low priority because in my view users should not initiate file encryption by launching Kleopatra. I still hope that most users should not even realize Kleopatra exists and only interact with it through the dialogs. Putting the action in the toolbar is also already possible through configure toolbars. I rather would find it more confusing to have two encryption buttons next to each other.

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Moving back to WiP and setting status to Testing. Moving to QA shall be done when an installer to test this is available. See