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--send-key: keyIDs are limited to 16 characters (at least with hkp servers.)
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In g10/keyserver.c, keyserver_spawn() sends "KEY %s BEGIN", where %s is the key
given on commandline, which can be up to 42 characters long (0x-prefixed sha
In keyserver/gpgkeys_hkp.c, send_key() expects a 16 characters max keyID, and
silently rejects longer ones (any fingerprint and 0x-prefixed long keyids).

I suggest modifying keyserver_spawn() to write the real keyid (as on the INFO

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David, can we do it or is this a limitation of HKP?

Actually it would be best to always write the v4 fingerprint (or 16 digit keyid
for v3) and let the gpgkeys_* handle both, but so far no keyserver can actually
make use of a full fingerprint, so there is no need to do this work now.

I'll make the suggested change.