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Kleopatra does not show key length in GnuPG-VS-Desktop
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In GnuPG-VS-Desktop an option to show key length is missing. At least in GPG4Win 4.3.0 you can select to display key length in "Key details" and opt to display "Key length" in "Further details".



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I assume you mean the information shown in the subkeys window int the column "Strength"?

This is the same in both versions. Please illustrate your report with a screenshot if you mean something else.

Btw compare the Kleopatra versions in Gpg4win and your VSD Version. They should mostly be identical with VSD maybe lagging a bit behind, Or your emplayer has not updated VSD. Many don't

FYI as a VSD customer you have access to support. Please check Help-> about Kleopatra for the infos,