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Kleopatra: Improvements in the "Revoke Key" window
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When you choose "Revoke Certificate" in the context menu of a key, the following window "Revoke Key" (yes, there is a wording mismatch) does not contain any warning regarding the irreversibility of that step.

  1. Please add a warning + some explanation
    • after the line which lists the key to be revoked add something like "The revocation will take effect immediately and can not be reversed." in some highlighted way.
    • add 2-3 short sentences as to what is then no longer possible/still possible. E.g. "Signing with the associated key will no longer be possible, decryption with it will continue to work."
    • maybe add some visual warning to the "Revoke Key" (Revoke Certificate) button at the bottom.
  2. Change the wording to "Revoke Certificate", at least in the window title, the first sentence and the action button. I am not sure whether "key" or "certificate" would be better in the radio button choices. (And if we need all those choices.)
  3. The default layout for the window

  • has no space between the first sentence and the line with the certificate to be revoked, here at least 1.5 line spacing would improve the UI. And add a bit more space before the "reason" part.
  • includes a very big free text field, I think a field with 2 lines max should be the default. (And the default width could be smaller, too.) It is currently not even possible to decrease the window height manually as much that only 2 lines remain for the field.


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gpg4win 4.3.1 / vsd 3.2.1

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