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minor spelling fixes
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These are non-substantive corrections for minor spelling mistakes within the GnuPG codebase. They are made against the master branch.

With something like this applied to the codebase, and a judiciously tuned spellchecker integrated as part of a standard test suite, it should be possible to keep a uniform orthography within the project.

I hope this is helpful!

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I still spotted a grammar glitch in corrections. Thus if we apply this we need to proofread it.

by all means, please proofread it! thanks for the attention to detail. what was the grammar glitch?

Right away the first patch:

-  /* The require minmum length of a passphrase. */
+  /* The require minimum length of a passphrase. */

Should be "required"

that looks like it was a problem in the original text, not something i introduced. If you find anything else that needs fixing, please go ahead and fix it to! no need to wait for me.

werner claimed this task.

All fine. I just noticed it while checking the patch. All applied and more fun with cherry picking in the future ;-)

All applied and more fun with cherry picking in the future ;-)

Thank you! And you're certainly right to be concerned about the
increased friction for cherry-picking. Please consider applying the
same fixes to the branches that are most likely to need cherry-picking,
to reduce the potential for conflicts there. At the very least,
consider applying these fixes to STABLE-BRANCH-2-2 and STABLE-BRANCH-2-4