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duplicate user IDs of different status
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Instructions to reproduce:

  1. create any key
  2. gpg --edit-key ; adduid foo@bar ; save+quit
  3. gpg --edit-key ; revuid foo@bar ; save+quit
  4. gpg -v --list-keys foo@bar (shows the revoked uid)
  5. gpg --edit-key ; adduid foo@bar
  6. display will now show both foo@bar uids
  7. save+quit
  8. gpg --edit-key (now we get this message: "gpg: key 34884E85:

duplicated user ID detected - merged")

  1. 'list' shows only the revoked version of the foo@bar uid, and we cannot select the new one to perform any operations on it.

[reported by Robin Hugh Johnson robbat2 at gentoo]



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David, I know you investigated this bug. What is the current status?

Fixed in 1.4 (r4445). I haven't integrated the fix to 2.0 yet.

Integrated into 2.0.

werner removed a project: Restricted Project.