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utf-8 character is displayed badly in GPA interface (Win32)
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The GPA interface displays badly the utf-8 component from my name.
This is how it looks like:

It does not matter if the key is generated using the gpg --key-gen command, or
via GPA interface. However, the gpg --list-keys displays correctly the ă

I am using the precompiled version included in gpg4win package. My system is
WinXP and is set to Romanian locale.
At the same time, all Romanian characters included in the interface are being
displayed well, except for an issue with the toolbar title in GTK+ for Win32
version, where an Unicode character that does not exist in the current CP-12xx
system codepage makes the toolbar title to appear blank.




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Version 0.7.6 is working properly now.

Thank you.

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