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app-crypt/pinentry-0.7.2 - gtk2 fails with "** ERROR **: could not grab keyboard"
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So we can keep track of this.

Seems to be a race condition, so at a specific point keyboard grab does not


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Please release a new version of pinentry so that no external patches will be
required. Please also consult the patches at msg#2137.

Oh... so pinentry-0.7.3 was released without these.

Applied fixed to SVN (-r 167).

(Note that *.info files should not be patched as they are build from .texi files)

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The revert does not always work.

The expose event does not work too well either.

So I reverted to using focus-in/out-event

map-event is too early for grab, and cannot be used.

0.7.4 works again very reliable for me - your previous change made it fail
almost always when it was first popped up. There must have been a reason that
whe don't used focus-in out when grabbing is enabled.

The question at hand is why it fails on gentoo whereas it works reliable on
Debian (Xorg 7.1 as well as all older versions).


It works for me too... There are some users, however, that have this issue.

The problem is timing related, if I understand correctly the grab can work only
on shown windows... So on slow or loaded computers (I guess), the grab is
called too early, and fails.

You cannot call grab at the map event.

But I am not gtk programmer...

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