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When sig-keyserver-url is set and pgp[267] are used, spurious warnings are printed
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With sig-keyserver-url $URL in gpg.conf:

$ gpg --pgp7 --detach-sign test

You need a passphrase to unlock the secret key for
gpg: can't put a preferred keyserver URL into v3 signatures

Now, I know that I can't do that but I don't want to be told about it
every time I sign something when I've explcitly enabled --pgp7. Would
it be unreasonable to ignore preferred keyserver urls when pgp[67] are

I've been using the attached patch (minus the pgp2 part which I just
added) for a while to do just this and I haven't noticed any problems.
(There may be cleaner ways to do this, but this was what I got working
without knowing the code too well. :)

If it's not appropriate to patch this out, is there a good way to
silence this without losing other info? The --quiet option doesn't do



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I think this is good, but doesn't go far enough. I'm thinking that if
force_v3_sigs is set (either directly or via --pgpX commands), then we should
allow that to override all of policy URLs, notations, and keyserver URLs. Right
now, it only overrides expiration dates, which is inconsistent (overriding some
v4 features, but not all). I'll see what I can make for that.

This is done. --force-v3-sigs (including --pgpX) disables all v4 sig features.